Thursday, December 1, 2011

Lassare il velo o per sole o per ombra

Lassare il velo o per sole o per ombra,
Donna, non vi vid’io
poi che in me conosceste il gran desio
ch’ogni altra voglia d’entr’al cor mi sgombra.

Mentr’io portava i be’ pensier’ celati,
ch’ànno la mente desiando morta,
vidivi di pietate ornare il volto;
ma poi ch’Amor di me vi fece accorta,

fuor i biondi capelli allor velati,
e l’amoroso sguardo in sé raccolto.
Quel ch’ i’ piú desiava in voi, m’è tolto:

sí mi governa il velo,
che per mia morte, ed al caldo ed al gielo,
de’ be’ vostr’occhi il dolce lume adombra.

I have not seen you, lady,
leave off your veil in sun or shadow,
since you knew that great desire in myself
that all other wishes in the heart desert me.

While I held the lovely thoughts concealed,
that make the mind desire death,
I saw your face adorned with pity:
but when Love made you wary of me,

then blonde hair was veiled,
and loving glances gathered to themselves.

That which I most desired in you is taken from me:
the veil so governs me
that to my death, and by heat and cold,
the sweet light of your lovely eyes is shadowed.

Francesco Petrarca