Sunday, November 20, 2011

Flowers of Space

When five petals open a single flower
at the moment when
the flower blooms,
and the time and place of the opening
reveal sparks and flames of the blue lotus,
or the time and place of the blooming
is a single spark
and hundreds of blue
lotuses blooming in the sky, blooming
on the earth,
blooming in the past, blooming
in the present, we are seeing
the blue lotus
flower within fire, where the blue lotus
blooms, so that we know
the fire within.
When the flower blooms the world arises.

Spring and autumn flower and fruit trees
of gold, which all have flowers
and fruit,
where human trees have flowers, where
human flowers have flowers
and withered
trees have flowers, and the flowers of space
are known through the blossoming
and falling of flowers in the sky,
of flowers on the ground,
through the realization
of the blossoming and falling
of the flowering of the world,
and are the vehicle
through which we travel,
these flowers of space, and which are
seen by those with clouded eyes who,
in the wake
of the eye
of reality,
know that space is originally with flowers.

The act of raising a flower and blinking
is a manifestation of flowers of space,
and the eye of reality is called
clouded eyes
and flowers of space,
and awakening
and the body of reality are just two petals
opened by this flower of space.
Through meeting one with clouded eyes,
we can understand flowers
in space, see flowers in
space, and then see flowers in space vanish,
for clouded eyes exist
because of flowers of space,
and there are many kinds of space
and many kinds of flowers, including cloudy
flowers and space that is a single grass.

We should take a panoramic view,
for flowers have never appeared,
never arisen,
never vanished,
flowers have never been flowers,
space has never been space,
and space flowers
give forth space fruit and drop space seeds,
and since what we perceive
are the five petals
opening the flowers of space, we should see
the flower form of all things,
since anything
that can be imagined is a flower and fruit
of space.
If there is a single cloud in the eye,
flowers in the sky
will tumble in all directions.

Amy Catanzano